In the Beginning
20 Years and $20 Million Dollars have been spent to develop the World Trade Processing and Control System (WTPACS). Operating with former top DHS/Customs Officials and alumni of BAH and SAIC, WTCI has developed the World’s most advanced “Closed Loop Processing System for all World Trade”.

The System
The system has been developed in conjunction with one of the Founders of TradeCard and the Orlando Division of World Trade Centers Association. WTCA (WTCA.ORG) is anticipated to enter into a formal “Strategic Relationship” with WTCI prior to roll-out.
The 355 members of WTCA control more than 60% of all World Trade.

The Scanners
WTCI is currently in the process of investing in the World’s most advanced Scanning technologies:

  • High-Power X-Rays
  • Gamma Ray Scanners
  • Neutron Back-Scatter Scanners

The Products
These technologies will complement and supplement our conventional railcar and container sales, leasing and manufacturing efforts. Our new product line will roll-out over the next five years:

  • Composite Containers
  • Smart Containers/Mesh Networks
  • Folding Containers/Composite Air Cargo Containers

Global Super Crypto-Currency
To further expedite Trade Flows across the Planet and increase economic development, WTCI will introduce a new Ledger-Based Global Super Crypto Currency. This currency will further reduce transaction costs in World Trade and physical Commodities transactions. Crypto Currency accounting will be provided by Sub-Ledger.